The Copyright Cartel: 0 (CC:0) DAO is a dedicated Web3 Creative Commons DAO, focusing on indie fashion, art, music and other creative derivative markets for cultivating well capitalised open source.
This DAO exists to accelerate the entire creative world to the long overdue, very near future when control over creative works no longer ruins so many lives. Ultimately, this is due to the abuses Copyright Cartels and the fake promise that a certificate on paper of permission from them will mean any more than pennies for original creators.
Ultimately, information wants to be free, and web3 allows for new models of monetisation when creative people can do whatever the hell that they want with each others ideas.
Finally backing our ideals with real profit.
Our daily ETH Auctions have been paused for an upgrade to a really exciting new key boxing interval experiment. They'll now go live when unlocked. The Polygon daily auctions are still continuing as normal... for now..
Last modified 1yr ago