Web3 CC0 Creative Residents

If you grok CC0 where can you find a creative home wherever you go?
A residency for creators who get breakthrough success with CC0 content and culture means you don’t need to limit the reach, use, and access of others to bring amazing works to life.

CC0 DAO has inaugurated the Web3 CC0 Creative Residency.

It's a dedicated resource for a network of builders, creators, engineers and other all inherently cypherpunk pioneers of self sovereignty.
The residency provides;
  • Membership within CC0 DAO
  • Well supported open source engineering resources
  • Amplification of works through immersive open labs, gallery exhibits and events both IRL and online
  • Token governed coordination for DAO curation and scaling of a plethora of novel auction implementations
  • Supply lines of spotlighted cc0 sources and derivates
  • Supported co-creative bricolage collections and releases between residents
To onboard as a creative resident, join our discord server and reach out so we can guide you towards the next actions!